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Weddings and Hosiery, A Wartime History Tidbit

Weddings and hosiery seem to go hand in hand, or leg in leg. The ubiquitous under pinnings of brides the world over, of all cultures are unanimous; hosiery, garters, and structure garments. The prescribed element of femininity and sensuality under all those beautifully adorned gowns. Apparel chosen with great care.

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Hosiery Tidbits; To Face Cover or Not

The commonly asked question of why hosiery is worn as a face cover by criminals, most notably bank/gas station robbers in film and television. Velvet Steele dives deep into an age old question asked by many and comes up with her own interpretation. A humorous take on an idea meant to be a serious presentation by film and television producers. You'll be sure to agree with her.

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