Ask Velvet #4: Overstretched? A Quick Tip and Fix For Tired Hosiery

Handwashed Hosiery

What is it about a favourite with regards to hosiery? I have mine, including the pair showing those signs of wear, and the dreaded sag and bag.

Hosiery that’s lost a firm grip up your legs.

Like me, you just can’t part with them, not yet, opting to squeeze out one more wear .

The sag and bag from an overstretched knit, or worn-out lycra or nylon. At this point most finding their way sadly tossed into the trash. A miserable end to an otherwise illustrious life of adornment as your favourite foundation garment.

A Quick Refresh Until Replaced With New

It’s not easy tossing your beloved into the garbage heap never to be seen or worn again! Sadly, wishing there was a way for a quick refresh until replaced with new.

Fear not, for I have a solution, that for the most part seems to work with all those wonderfully used, and abused hose. A quick easy result to hopefully give you just one more wear of joy and happiness.

A heat treatment.

I always hand wash in my bathroom sink and hang dry over the shower rod. Choosing to use a lukewarm, tepid water temperature for longevity of the garment in question.

Reactivate The Knit And Memory Of The Lycra And Or Nylon

To temporarily reactivate the knit and memory of the lycra and or nylon, opt to soak them in hot water with a mild cleanser.

Believe it or not, this will help to shrink the knit, lycra and or nylon, causing a re-bonding so to speak, of the lycra and nylon.

Almost a melting effect.

Rinse in cool water to set the new “memory”.

Have a lingerie bag?. Throw them in that for a quick spin in the dryer.

No more than 5 minutes should do the trick.

Followed by a quick air cool, and you should be good to go.



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