Ask Velvet #5: Wedding White or Flight For Your Big Day

chinese red wedding dress

No matter what time of the year you’ve chosen your big day of celebration, one thing is usually clear, the shade white, is the popular choice of most all brides.

But..what if white just isn’t your thing?

Not just from a personal stand point, but quite possibly a cultural, ethnic, and or religious perspective?

Completely Different Possibilities 

Much of the emphasis with regards to the choice of white, has been a North American and European ideal. Variations of this, and completely different possibilities are seen the world over. Bold choices, some would consider audacious to say the least.

White has long been associated with purity and virtue, one reason why some brides choose to wear white. But what does that say of those who choose to be daring on their big day?

Certainly not what most would have you try to believe!

Take for example the colour red. Highly prized and sought after in Chinese and Indian cultures, as it represents happiness, love, prosperity, celebration, good fortune, vitality, and a long life.

Take for instance black. Associated mostly with funerals in the Western world, it can be seen as bridal attire in Finland, and in the history books or early America.

Queen Victoria Broke With Tradition

It was Queen Victoria that broke with tradition opting for what was considered a dull white dress of the times. Instead of colours like yellow, gold, green, blue or black.

The modern bride chooses what she wants. As she should! Colours be plentiful, just like the many personalities of brides the world over. 

I get asked on a frequent basis if it’s ok to break with “tradition”.

To which I calmly reply, “wear what you want!”

There are just as many tints when it comes to hosiery. Hosiery shade and colour charts prove that.

Co-ordinate your ensemble. Choose what works for you.

Be brave, be distinct, be you.

Oh, and congratulations!


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