Fashion Forward, or Fashion Faux Pas, Open Toes and Hosiery


Fashion forward, or fashion faux pas, the dilemma of open toes and hosiery is quite a doozy! Let’s ask if the time spent contemplating this confusion is truly worth it, or just a waste of time? Now, since I’m opinionated, and consider myself very fashion forward, I’ve had some time to reflect on this age old battle of fashion etiquette. Well I call it for what it is, and I call BULLSHIT!

True style comes from us

Fashion dictators and the Miss Manners of the world are always telling us common folks what to do. If it isn’t being paraded down the runways of some foreign exotic land as the season’s next must have, then for sure it’s being penned in the pages of some slag rag by a holier than thou, self proclaimed behaviour bimbo. Let me remind you all, my fabulous readers, that true style comes from us!

Fashion has always been dictated by the street

Fashion has always been dictated by the street, by those brave enough to buck the trends and throw caution to the wind, and well, just do it. In my years of fashion history studies, one thing was always clear, that the top designers of the world always took their cue from what they saw in the real world. Top fashion houses, hiding out behind window curtains, eyeing the up streets for the next bit of inspiration. Which is how, and why fabulous shoes are cobbled, and delicious hosiery knit to fill the need of this chic convention.

Hosiery clad toes poking out through the opening of a superb pair of shoes

Ok, yes, by now you’ve probably figured out that I LOVE open toed shoes paired with the perfect pair of hosiery. There is just something truly sensual, yet cute, but entirely commanding about hosiery clad toes poking out through the opening of a superb pair of shoes. All style connoisseurs know this, as do the influential, and the beloved, fetishists.   

I do however believe you have to do it right, my little bit of self proclamation, of which I’d like to share with you, a few tip and tricks.

  1. Denier; and we’ve talked about this before. A 40 denier or higher usually does the job for strength and durability so as not to send a ladder racing up your leg from that little opening. Anything less in my experience has always been ruined, well before I even get out the door.
  2. Wear patterns and colours, for those who like to colour coordinate, or shock and amaze. You’ll find the eye of the beholder giving not just once over, but the second and third yearning look. Paying attention to the bit of detail you’ve painstakingly put into the days ensemble.
  3. Reinforced toes, although you may not find this little detail to appealing, it’s could be what’s underneath that holds the attention. Yes the tighter knit isn’t always that striking, but with added colour or patterns, usually it translates well to the fortified portion. But……. what’s underneath.
  4. Polished toes; always make a statement and shows off your attention to detail, right down to that little bitty toe. Striking colours always show through a tight reinforced toe, high denier, and contrast with patterns and colours. I’ll be honest by mentioning there is certain amount of stretch in the hose at these stress points. A bit of tension that forces the fibres to spread apart slightly and reveal luscious colours.
  5. A good pair of shoes always finish the look with our fave accessory. Pair them well and you’ll be off to the races! I would suggest, running your finger around the opening of the shoe, just to be sure you aren’t finding any nicks, scratches, or snags that will catch and tear. Snip it, clip it, or buff it smooth and you should be good to go!
  6. Sockettes anyone?

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