Ask Velvet #3: How To Shoe-Proof And Protect Hosiery


QUESTION: How Can I Shoe-Proof My Hosiery To Protect From Holes During Wear?

“Shoe-proofing” to protect your hosiery from holes during wear most always starts with the shoe itself, and from the inside out. We’ve all squeezed into shoes that we shouldn’t have. Shoes that are much too small to be comfortable.

Making sure your shoes fit comfortably without squishing and squeezing is the perfect start to shoe-proofing your hosiery! This will avoid unnecessary friction that will place wear and tear on the fibres of your hosiery.

There’s nothing like a good fitting shoe!

However, it doesn’t take long for your favourite pair of shoes to show signs of wear and tear on the inside. Worn out insoles can -- and usually do -- catch and snag on hosiery, ruining it!  So, If the rest of the shoe gives you nothing to worry about, try putting new insoles into the shoes. Soft, comfortable insoles will pad the foot -- and buffer your hosiery!

If the inside of the upper of your shoe is cracked or worn, try a sockette or anklet, of the same shade worn overtop of your hosiery. This will help prevent runs. You may also want to try doubling up on a sockette.  After all, cracks and tears in a shoe’s upper can easily grip and snag on your hose.

Beyond the simple solution of a sockette, it may just be time to replace those shoes. Buy yourself that new pair you’ve had your eyes on. Or, save money and just keep wearing your favourite pair of shoes with the sockette... I do!

Enticingly Yours,
Velvet Steele




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