Ask Velvet #2: How Do I Stop A Run From Worsening?


QUESTION:  How Do I Stop A Run In My Hosiery From Getting Worse?

How do I stop a run from getting worse, hopefully this will answer that question. Snakes and ladders creeping up, or down your leg, ruining one of your coveted pairs of hosiery is a situation we can all relate to. A situation we all dread and hate with equal passion. The quickest fix is an extra pair of those fabulous hose carried with you and tucked inside your purse or bag. But….. for most of us, that back-up pair, we just don’t, or can’t carry along with us. Especially if that briefcase is packed tight with documents and a laptop, or a clutch already stuffed to the brim with the evening’s essentials.

My favourite quick-fix is to carry a simple little bottle of quick dry, clear nail polish. Catch that run in it’s infancy by dabbing a little polish at the starting point, and the end point. The polish will bind the knit together successfully stopping that expandable ladder dead in it’s tracks. Keep in mind, that stress points such as the heel, toes, and knees may give you a “run” for your money as the continued stress on the knit and already developed runs may be tough to stop.

Personally I prefer a higher denier in my choice of hosiery. The more fibres in the square centimetre of knit the less chance of a run, especially in the deep richly pattered styles and designs offered. Keep in mind the right fit is always a precursor in prevention, along with your choice of footwear versus hosiery style, trimmed and buffed nails, even a scab, blister or two, and believe it or not, unshaven skin.

A quick trip to the nail counter at your local shop, for hours of relief.

Enticingly Yours,
Velvet Steele




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