Ask Velvet #1: How Many Wears Should I Expect From Hosiery?


QUESTION:  How Many Wears Should I Be Able To Get Out Of My Hosiery?

How many wears a person should be able to get from hosiery depends on both the quality of the piece, as well as how well you take care of it when dressing, wearing, undressing, hand washing and hang drying. Many of my simple tips and tricks help for this.

This is a question that is truly dependant on you -- the wearer -- and how you treat your favourite accessory.

I’ve had -- and have -- some pieces of hosiery that lasted me 6 months or more. Then there are those hosiery items I’ve put on after months of care, and with one wrong turn -- slip of the nail, or something more intimate -- ruined them, and tossed them into the trash. We all make mistakes!

I urge you to take that extra bit of care when dressing, wearing, undressing, and washing your hosiery. If you do, you’ll be sure to have many good wears of your coveted Gam Wrappers. 

Enticingly Yours,
Velvet Steele




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