4 Amazing Tricks To Remove Stains From Hosiery


Has any of this ever happened to you?

- Marinara sauce spills on your 20 denier nude pantyhose at dinner?
- A truck splashes mud all over your 10 denier black lace top stay ups as it drives by?
- At a party, a careless guest sloshes red wine onto your 200 denier white microfibre tights

Stains are never an issue for the cheap drugstore or supermarket pantyhose buyer; that bargain-basement hosiery usually gets a run (ladder) within the first two or three wearings.  Those buyers end up tossing out anklets, knee highs, stockings, stay ups, pantyhose, and tights long before stains ever become a factor. 

Yet, once a wearer makes the transition to fine quality hosiery & tights that last, long term care of these garments -- including stain removal -- becomes a practical matter. That's why we're happy to share with our secrets with you!

4 Amazing Tricks to Remove Stains From Hosiery.

Before we get to the tricks, there are a few key things you need to know about hosiery and stains.

a.  Hosiery is delicate and must be handled with care.

b.  The sooner a stain is treated, the better chance there is of removing it entirely.

c.  If hosiery is heat-dried, stains will set permanently.  Never put stained hosiery in the dryer. 

d. The process of treating stains involves repeatedly using one or more of the gentle stain removal methods below until the hosiery is clean.  Stay patient & diligent. 



Trick #1 to remove stains from hosiery: USE HAIR SPRAY

Hair spray is the #1 go-to fix for all types of stains on hosiery. It’s absolute magic and works like a dream 90% of the time. Always try this trick first.

Lay the hosiery on a piece of clean paper towel and spray liberally with hairspray. Next, gently rub hosiery with the paper towel to remove as much of the stain as possible. Rinse clean. Hand wash as usual.


Trick #2 to remove stains from hosiery: PEROXIDE & SPOT STAIN REMOVER


For lifting coffee & ketchup stains off of hosiery, this one is a winner!

Saturate stain with peroxide, dab hosiery with clean paper towel until stain starts to lift off the fabric. Then, apply a generous amount of spot stain remover. Hand wash as usual.


Trick #3 to remove stains from hosiery: CLUB SODA


The classic solution we all use for removing tough red wine & other food stains from clothing also works on hosiery!

Saturate stained hosiery in club soda, then use a paper towel to gently rub the stain to lift it off the hosiery. Repeat as needed. Hand wash as usual.


Trick #4 to remove stains from hosiery: BABY WIPES & SPOT STAIN REMOVER

This cleaning combination works great on make-up & lipstick stains.

Gently rub the stained piece of hosiery with baby wipes until the stain lifts. Then, generously coat stain with spot stain remover. Hand wash as usual.


Now that you know how to get stains out of your fine hosiery, show off those gorgeous gams in your favourite GGW tights & pantyhose, stockings & stay-ups, and socks & knee highs!






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