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Healthy Legs: Top 5 Secrets for a Lifetime of Beauty!

Healthy Legs: Top 5 Secrets for a Lifetime of Beauty!


As fabulous fashionable hosiery wearers who love to look good, we all know that the foundation of true beauty is good health. That’s why we try to take the best possible care of ourselves; get a good night’s sleep, eat right, drink water, love our friends… and give ourselves a well-deserved break every once in a while! 

And, as we all grow to become our best selves, here is GGW's contribution to the movement!

Top 5 Secrets to Healthy Legs for a Lifetime!

If you follow these five recommendations we've researched from experts from around the world, you'll have beautiful, healthy legs that will be the envy of your friends all your life long!

Secret #1 to Healthy Legs for a Lifetime:  MOVE YOUR BODY FOR 30 MINUTES A DAY

Move the body for 30 minutes a day, and engage in a variety of enjoyable physical activities.  Experts say that movement is a critical component to building healthy legs for life.  Even more, daily physical movement connects us to the experience of living in our own bodies, and empowers us to enjoy moving through space in a variety of ways.

Doctors recommend we engage in a combination of cardio & strength activities several times a week to achieve the best health impact.  Great cardio activities for legs include walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, and skating. Yoga & Pilates help with flexibility, and resistance training at the gym builds strength.

So, go move your legs for 30 minutes a day, in a variety of ways, for optimal leg health! 


Just as proper nutrition can help maintain a healthy heart, it is essential for maintaining healthy legs. In addition to cultivating a diet filled with flavonoid-rich fresh fruits & vegetables, ample water, and fibre, people who suffer from specific leg conditions may also wish to supplement their diet in certain ways.

Those who suffer from varicose veins will do well to ensure they are getting enough Vitamin C in their diets -- a vital building block of collagen & elastin, which is essential to healthy vein structure.

People who deal with restless leg syndrome frequently suffer from iron & magnesium deficiencies, so they may wish to add more of those elements to their diet.

For those concerned with their circulatory system, adding garlic, fennel, beetroot & watercress to their food intake can be very beneficial. 



Leg massage is scientifically proven to confer significant health benefits… and it feels great!  Massage can improve postural alignment and lead to a reduction in chronic pain, facilitate measurable improvements in lymphedema symptoms, and enhance wellbeing through the therapeutic value of touch.

So, reward your lovely legs for all they for you do by splurging on a leg massage! 


Secret #4 to Healthy Legs for a Lifetime:  ELEVATE LEGS DAILY TO IMPROVE CIRCULATION

To improve circulation, and counteract the effects of modern sedentary life, doctors recommend we elevate our legs for 10-15 minutes, three to four times a day. This can help alleviate knee pain due to arthritis, swelling due to lymphedema, and pain due to varicose veins.

Legs can be elevated on a pillow, or upon a wall. Just make sure to keep proper postural alignment and to use pillows to ensure maximum comfort. 

Secret #5 to Healthy Legs for a Lifetime:  LOVE THEM AS A UNIQUE PART OF YOU!

Show your legs off and enjoy the body you’re in!  When we love our bodies, we get to know ourselves better, we express ourselves more completely, and we take better care of ourselves.

Falling in love with our legs -- and showing them proudly off to the world -- sets us up for a positive relationship with ourselves and our health, and will motivate us to continue to do what is right for us in every area of our lives.