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Ask Velvet #6: Why A Gusset?

Ask Velvet #6: Why A Gusset?

Pantyhose Gusset

On our last Hosiery101 on our Instagram channel at @girdleliscioysgawrappers we addressed the aspect of the gusset. Located in the crotch of most pantyhose of a size 3 or larger.

Well it’s become a question of why, is it there? If all those messages are an indication.

There are three reasons;

1) for absorption of moisture,
2) to be blunt, for ease of movement when it comes to the larger sized, above average beauties
3) some say……. to prevent camel toe

Fuller Thighs Aren’t The Same Movement

Fact is, that larger sizes have a different way of moving. So to, does the fabric and or fibres; back and forth and side to side. Fuller thighs aren’t the same movement as is the case with the more petite.

There is, along with a back and forth movement along the centre seam of the crotch, a diagonal movement of stretch within that region. The gusset is a diamond shaped piece of knit woven with an absorbent fibre. Obviously designed to attract natural body moisture to make for a more comfortable wear. Think thigh rub, only in the crotch, as the skin naturally moistens to lubricate the skin free of friction.

Not always the natural solution, as many suffer from skin irritation from the constant rubbing. Leaving the skin rubbed red and raw! I’m no stranger to that affliction, and trust me it’s painful, and super annoying!

So back to the movement!

A Straight Seam, Just Won’t Allow For

A single seam through the crotch on the petite, stretches in a simpler fashion, back and forth and naturally allows for the necessary give. The above average beauty on the other hand, requires not only the back and forth, but a stretch diagonally, that a straight seam, just won’t allow for.

Hence the gusset, usually that diamond piece of fabric, twice as long as it is wide. This allows for extra give and stretch not only back and forth, but diagonally, and across. On the bias of woven fabrics, and the stretch of a complex reinforced knit. This helps alleviate the added stress along the seam, so that your coveted hose, will last that much longer.

Requires A Little More Stress Management

The gusset not only an added crotch feature, but you’ll see it in underarms of shirts, behind the knees in sportswear, and any area of a garment that requires a little more stress management.

I hope that answered the why?

In love of hosiery,
Hugz and Kisses