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4 Hosiery Terms: Compression, Massaging, Supporting, Shaping

4 Hosiery Terms: Compression, Massaging, Supporting, Shaping


When shopping for hosiery, sometimes the terminology can leave buyers feeling a little lost.  So many of us have not learned the differences between compression, massaging, supporting, and shaping.  But don't feel bad!  That's because hosiery isn't something that we spend very much time talking about -- compared to make-up, hair, and fashion. 

But at Girdleliscious Gam Wrappers, hosiery is our whole world!  We want our customers to make the best hosiery purchasing decisions, and that's why we decided to demystify some of the key terms that buyers come across when shopping for hosiery.

In general, compression, massaging, and supporting refer to features of the hosiery that affect how the wearer feels, whereas shaping affects how the wearer looks.



Compression hosiery creates a massaging effect on the legs of the wearers that helps promote healthy circulation, and is an ideal choice for people who are in a profession that keeps them on their feet all day — such as hospitality workers, letter carriers, and health care professionals.

This type of hosiery features firmer compression at the foot and decreasing compression up the leg. Compression intensity can range from light to firm, depending on the wearer’s needs.

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Massaging hosiery offer other technical features, such as ridged foot bottoms, to create greater comfort for the wearer all day.  Pick up a pair or two of our sole-satisfying massaging anklets so you can stay comfy in your work shoes all day long.

Support hosiery provides additional support in key areas, such as the lower back or abdomen, to increase comfort in those areas during daily wear. 



Shaping hosiery has technical features that are designed to smooth the silhouette -- particularly in the tummy, hips, bottom, and thighs -- and help clothing look and fit better. Check out our selection of shaping pantyhose & tights to help you look your best as you dress for success.


Now that you know exactly what these hosiery terms mean, get out there and start shopping!