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Gorgeous Garters are Sassy, Sexy, Serious!

Gorgeous Garters are Sassy, Sexy, Serious!


blue ribbon wedding garter strap

Gorgeous garters are sassy, sexy, serious!

Since June, and our 6th issue of Hosiery En Vogue are dedicated to the wedding, we thought we’d talk about a small detail much overlooked, the garter. I love a beautiful garter belt fashioned with metal clasps, the final detail of construction that indicates a quality fabrication. Quality being the key word, especially when needed to grasp and hold hosiery up the legs without tearing or causing the dreaded runs and ladders.

However, when one thinks of garters, most folks aren’t thinking of a wedding garter around a thigh. We are thinking of garter belts. Since I love a good history lesson, and this is about weddings, I thought a little chronicle on the “garter” would be aprés peau.

Fabric Fastened About The Leg

So….according to Wikipedia, “the garter is an article of clothing comprising a narrow band of fabric fastened about the leg to keep up stockings.

In the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, they were tied just below the knee, where the leg is most slender, to keep the stocking from slipping.

We all know that this garter not usually used to hold up stockings, but to be removed by the groom towards the end of the reception. A usual western wedding tradition. Strange how “traditions” morph through the generations, in the middle ages, groomsmen would rush the new bride to grab the garters as a prize.

Bride's Clothing Will Bring Good Luck

Removing the garter is explained as symbolic. This practice is often interpreted as a figurative deflowering, though some attribute it as superstition that to take a piece of the bride's clothing will bring good luck.

Garters are always good luck, and it doesn’t matter what leg you wear it on. They are sassy, they are sexy, and they are always fun. From the middle ages to today, weddings to cabarets, garters are much loved and in abundance.

Although white is still the colour of choice for most weddings, that doesn’t mean that what’s underneath has to follow suit. Something borrowed, something blue? How about pink, yellow, gold, green, and even black? Go for it!

black garter

Satin, silk, lace, or other, the fabrics are endless as are the designs. They are a true compliment to fabulous hosiery for the big day, aside from the traditions folks adhere to. Accessory designers are way ahead of this movement, opting to specialize strictly in this coveted attachment. It’s more than big business, it’s required style.