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Garter Belts: from Daytime to Playtime

Garter Belts: from Daytime to Playtime

Garter belts are the quintessential fashion accessory for anyone who loves to wear stockings. And, just like stockings, garter belts belong on the legs of wearers in all fashion situations -- from the bedroom to the board room! 

So, be it daytime or playtime, how do you choose the right garter belt for your fashion occasion?  There are four key factors to consider

Choice of fabric
Where the garter belt sits
Number of garter straps
Simple or embellished designs

Garter belts for daytime.

A daytime garter belt is designed to be worn under dresses or skirts for hours at a time. Like bras and panties, a daytime garter belt has a functional purpose and should be invisible underneath your outfit. That's why a proper fit is essential!

Choose a daytime garter belt made from a smooth, breathable fabric such as non-stretch satin, powernet, or cotton. It should sit comfortably at your natural waist and fit close to your body. Select a garter belt with six-to-eight adjustable-length garter straps; it's the ideal number to comfortably and reliably hold up stockings all day long.

Opt for a seamless, minimalist garter belt style with no embellishments so that it will be invisible underneath your clothing. If you will be wearing sheer or light-coloured fabrics, choose a garter belt in a white or a neutral skintone colour. If wearing darks, select an appropriately dark colour.

You will want to ensure that the adjustable garter straps can extend to the top third of your thigh, so that you can customize their position based on the style and hemline of skirt or dress you are wearing.

One of my favourite examples of the perfect daytime garter belt comes from Rago. I have it in white and in a deep sexy berry red.

Garter belts for playtime!

Most of us are more familiar with garter belts for playtime because that's when they take centre stage. Playtime garter belt designs generally fall into two styles: romantic & fetish. Both styles encourage creativity in fabrics, design, colour, and embellishment. They are designed to be wearable erotic art.

Most romantic garter belts have only four straps, as that is the minimum number necessary to hold up a pair of stockings, and it makes for quick and easy removal when the time is right.

Look for delicate sensual fabrics that give a feel of timeless upscale beauty, such as stretchable lace, satin, silk, etc. Romantic garter belts can further be embellished with ribbon, lace, ruffles, gems, fur, and more.

If wearing panties, line up the top of your romantic garter belt with the top of the panty waistband, either at your natural waist or lower on the hip. If you aren't wearing panties, place your garter belt wherever you like.

Fetish garter belts are designed to make bold, creative statements that celebrate the more adventurous side of playtime. Choose materials such as leather, latex, and fishnet in bright bold colours.

Fetish garter belts can come with six, eight, ten, and more garter straps for dramatic effect, and be adorned with exotic accessories, such as chains, buckles, fur, gems, mesh, and more.

There are no rules for whether to wear fetish garter belts at your natural waist or hip -- it depends on the overall aesthetic of the outfit.

So, go treat yourself a fresh new pair of stockings from our online store, then make a date to dress up in your favourite garter belt, stockings & outfit, and have yourself a fashionably fun time!