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Six Hosiery Production Terms You Should Know

Six Hosiery Production Terms You Should Know


As a hosiery shopper, certain key terms pop up on a regular basis, and you may or may not have a full understanding of what they mean. That's why I wanted to unlock the mystery behind six of the most popular hosiery manufacturing terms that you should know more about!  So, I dove into the Girdleliscious Gam Wrappers online glossary to bring you these nuggets of hosiery knowledge that will help you make your best hosiery shopping decisions.



Scientifically, denier is the mass in grams of a fibre per 9000 metres of its length. Silk is the base unit of measurement for denier: 9000 meters of it weigh one gram, equal one denier, and the diameter of its fibre is about one-fifth the diameter of a strand of human hair.

In fashion, denier is a French term describing the thickness of the thread in a piece of hosiery. Lower denier threads (up to 39 denier) are often used to make sheer and delicate hosiery, while higher denier threads (40 denier and above) are associated with opaque and durable hosiery.


Gauge is the number of stitches (rows) of thread per inch of fabric (hosiery) length. A higher gauge stocking features more stitches and highlights the smooth, dense look & feel of fine hosiery. A lower gauge stocking is made with fewer stitches -- making it easier and less expensive to make, and is a great choice for large scale fashion.

An easy way to remember gauge is to consider the similar concept of thread count: when you buy a set of sheets, those with a higher thread count feel silky and luxurious, while those with a lower thread count feel a bit rougher yet are much more affordable.


Fishnet is a type of open weave, diamond shaped, knitted hosiery that resembles a fish net. Used as a material for stockings, tights, or bodystockings, fishnet is a sexy & sensual hosiery choice, and it makes a major fashion statement due to it's ability to accentuate curves and muscle definition.

The fishnet style is versatile; deniers can range from low to high, gauges can vary, and weave sizes can range from micro to extra large.

Aide from the traditional black, fishnet is available in a multitude of colours. You can find this lovely knit as a sock, stocking, stay-up, and full pantyhose.


Microfibre is a synthetic fibre finer then one denier.

We love microfibre because of its ability to draw moisture away from the body, how it feels super soft against the skin, and how it provides a high degree of elasticity. Microfibre is easy to to work with, and can feature all kinds of creative woven designs.

Another great thing about microfibre is that it can be infused with lotions and anti-microbial agents, and give wearers more value beyond fashion.

Microfibre is affordable too; this allows for creative styles to be produced at lower prices -- while maintaining high quality production standards. We love this!


Hosiery that is "see through," featuring a delicate fibre of 1 denier to 39 denier. Sheer is a term that can apply to Stockings, Stay-ups, or Pantyhose.


Hosiery that is much less “see through,” than that of a sheer, usually of a 40 denier or higher, giving the leg a heavier matte appearance.

To learn more about hosiery terminology, please check out our Glossary and FAQ pages!