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Hosiery Afterlife – 4 Heavenly Uses for Worn-Out Nylons & Retired Pantyhose

Hosiery Afterlife – 4 Heavenly Uses for Worn-Out Nylons & Retired Pantyhose

What do you do with worn-out nylons when they can no longer serve as fashionable decoration for your gorgeous gams? If you’re one of the people who toss them out, stop now and check out these 4 great ways to give your old hosiery a fabulous new fashion afterlife -- and save money, time, and the environment while you’re at it!  



The simplest way to give your retired pantyhose an afterlife is to cut it up into cleaning cloths for a variety of uses.

(a) Gentle Scrubbing. Worn-out nylons are great for safely scrubbing tile and non-stick pans; old hosiery will clean but not scratch these delicate coatings like other kitchen dishwashing tools can.

(b) Shining Surfaces. Use retired pantyhose instead of a pricey chamois to bring that sparkle back to your gold, silver, and brass, as well as to shine your favourite leather shoes.

(c) Nail Polish Removal. Worn-out nylons are a great substitute for cotton pads when removing old nail polish.   


Another effortless way to give your old hosiery an amazing afterlife is to transform it into a variety of filters for use around the house.

(d) Lost & Found. When you lose an earring (or push pin) somewhere in the carpet, or down a deep hole that you can’t reach, stretch a piece of retired pantyhose over the open end of your vacuum hose, secure with a rubber band, and start vacuuming. The vacuum will find the earring, the nylons will prevent it from getting swept up into the bag, and you’ll save the day.

(e) Straining Liquids. When in the kitchen, if you don't have a colander handy, stretch some retired pantyhose over the opening of your bowl or pot; when you tip the liquid out, the solid material will remain safely in the bowl.

(f) Hot Tub Health. To quickly clean your hot tub prior to a soak, stretch some worn-out nylons over a hanger to make a fine mesh pool skimmer, and then glide it through the water, picking up all the floating debris.

(g) Prevent Soil Erosion. To prevent soil from escaping through the drainage holes at the bottom of garden containers, stretch some old hosiery over the opening of the planter and then fill with dirt & plants as usual. The retired pantyhose acts as a barrier to prevent soil erosion in the container.   


A further easy way that worn out nylons can have an afterlife is by turning them into different types of sachets for use around the house.

(h) Bath Bombs. Create customized bath bomb hosiery sachets with baking soda, epsom salts, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. Make them for yourself, or give them away to friends & family, and turn your old hosiery in a luxurious bathing experience.

(i) Odour Removers. Keep shoes smelling fresh with retired pantyhose sachets filled with baking soda, charcoal, and essential oils. Freshen up clothes, closets, and dressers with worn out nylon sachets filled with potpourri or a home-made blend of herbs and essential oils.

(j) First Aid. Be prepared for any situation with hot/cold first aid packs. Fill nylon sachet with dried grains of any type (buckwheat, rice, etc.) and store in the freezer so it is ready to go as a cold pack. If hot pack is needed, pop sachet into microwave for a few minutes on high power. 


Old hosiery can additionally be transformed into flexible storage solutions for a variety of purposes.

(k) Travel Size. The best way to maximize space in luggage is to roll up and compress clothing. To compact your bulky items and make space for other travel essentials, insert rolled up items into the legs of a piece of worn-out hosiery. The items will stay compressed, allowing for the most efficient use of luggage space.

(l) Onion Organization. This space-saving kitchen hack keeps onions dry, aerated, and intact. Tie a knot in the foot of a piece of old hosiery, insert an onion into the leg, tie another knot at the top of the onion to separate it, then repeat until you have a string of segmented onions that you can hang in your pantry.

(m) It’s a Wrap! Easily protect & store your gift wrap by slipping a roll or two into the leg of one of your old pieces of hosiery. Then tie it off, and either hang it or stash in a drawer.