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Hosiery Fun & Games: The Hen Party

Hosiery Fun & Games: The Hen Party

The Hen Party, aka bachelorette party, is an important rite of passage for brides-to-be as they bid farewell to the single life and embrace wedded bliss; the bride and her closest friends gather for a night out filled with friendship, celebration, and silliness!  Memories are made, relationships are strengthened, and good times are had!

To ensure the next hen party you go to is an unforgettable experience, we have compiled these four super-fun hosiery-themed games you can try that will get everybody laughing and having a good time! 


For this game you will need a pair of clean pantyhose, two pennies, and a stopwatch.  Place one penny into each leg section of the pantyhose and slide them all the way to the foot area.  When the stopwatch begins, the player tries to retrieve the pennies by inching their hands down the inside of the legs.  However, each arm must work independently of the other, and the player is not permitted to use one hand to hold or stretch the hose for the other hand.  The winner is the player who retrieves the pennies in the shortest time.

Arms ‘n Legs

For this game, you’ll need a big paper bag, several pairs of clean pantyhose, a blindfold, and a stopwatch.  Put all the pairs of pantyhose into the bag and place it in front of the player.  Blindfold the player and set the stopwatch to one minute.  When the stopwatch starts, the player removes one pair of pantyhose at a time from the bag and dresses it onto their arms as fast as they can.  The winner is the player who puts the greatest number of pairs of pantyhose onto their arms within the time frame. 

Stocking Slingshot

For this game you will need several plastic bottles filled with water, a stopwatch, and for each player the leg section of a pair of clean old pantyhose (or old stocking) and a ball (softball size).  Clear a bit of space and set the water bottles in a line twelve to twenty-four inches apart.  Place the ball into the stocking and slide it down to the foot area.  The player then stretches the opening of the stocking over the top of their head, like a hat or head band; this is the stocking slingshot.  Next, the player lines up behind the first water bottle.  When the stopwatch starts, the player tries to knock over each water bottle using only the stocking slingshot.  The winner is the player who knocks down all the bottles in the shortest time.

Pantyhose Polo

For this multi-player game you will need a start and a finish line, and for each player a pair of old pantyhose and two balls (softball size).  Have players put one of the balls into one of the pantyhose legs and push it all the way to the foot end.  Then, have players tie the other end of the pantyhose around their waists, setting the height of the dangling ball to about ankle level; this the pantyhose polo mallet.  Next, players place their second ball at the start line and stand behind it.  When the game starts, all players will try to move the ball from the start line to the finish line using only their pantyhose polo mallet.  The winner is first player to get their ball across the finish line.

As the world returns to normal and restrictions on getting together are lifted, it will soon be time to gather again and celebrate the important moments in life.  With that in mind, suggest these fun games the next time you are planning – or invited to – a hen party!