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Stockings: A Historical Pause for one of our Favourite Accessories

Stockings: A Historical Pause for one of our Favourite Accessories


rolling on stockings

Stockings; join me for this historical pause for one of our favourite accessories!

Yes, they are one of our favourite accessories here at Girdleliscious Gam Wrappers. Not just an accessory, but actually a necessary addition to most of our wardrobes. The soft silky luxury against our legs, not only feeling good, but looking great!

But…..Before we indulge in the desire stockings command lets learn a little bit about them.

As Early As The 15th and 16th Centuries

It’s said that Hosiery's first origins can be found in its name, derived from the Old English word "hosen" which means covering. These "hose" or "hosiery" were worn as early as the 15th and 16th centuries, and at first, worn almost exclusively by European noble men. Now isn’t that something, one would never have thought that since the women of today are the arbiters of most fashion. 


Yes…..we are!

 antique knitting machine advertisement

Its hard to imagine stockings as made of woven cloth, but prior to the 1590’s they pretty much were. The actual time period of when the knitting machine came along is elusive, but reference is made to the Elizabethan Period, and the machine itself, was designed strictly for the purpose of kitting these stockings. I personally can’t imagine wearing a woven “hose” without the snug fit the knitted version does, but I guess cut and shaped to fit, they must’ve worked well.

The fibre of choice for these fashion statements was cotton, linen, wool or silk. Then came along a polished cotton called “lisle” popularized in the town of Balbriggan. It’s not clear when the original purpose of wearing stockings as style died out in those early years, to a “practical” shift….for warmth. Fancy that, a practical application. LOL! However humorous we find it, if worn, it was for warmth up until the 1920’s when central heating started to became available to the masses. Then the shift for combination wear, not only for elevation of body heat, but the inevitable fashion. Thank goddess for that!

 All That Shimmying, Shaking, and Freedom of Movement...

Its interesting to note that during the 1920’s movement for women’s rights, that the garter belts seemed to drop off, and hose were actually worn as a super long stay-up with a tighter band at the top. The idea was the tighter band would be constricted around the thigh, thus staying up and elevate the need for the garter belt. However all that shimmying, shaking, and freedom of movement afforded without a strap during the suffragette movement had the early stay-up, more a crumpled up sock. It wasn’t long before the garter belt made its way back as a staple of stockings.

History lesson over, let’s all be honest here! We know as the fashion connoisseurs we are,  that there is nothing quite like the freedom a pair of stockings and garter belt offer. No more privacy trips to the washroom or darkened corner to pull up the dreaded sag and bag of ill-fitting pantyhose, or exhausted stay-ups. No more elephant ankles, or baggy knees, just perfect, always up your leg hose. Smooth and stylish!

stockings and cigarette

The freedom of movement, and comfort, and……..the freedom of your crotch! I might be speaking for myself here, but truthfully how many of you readers know what I’m talking about here. I bet you do, going “Godiva”! The female equivalent of going commando. The privilege to throw caution to the wind and abandon those panties, and be truly……….free!

Maybe the suffragettes were onto something more?

I love it, the feeling of being a little naughty, yet in control, wielding the power that being Godiva, has over those that know your little secret! It’s a fetishist’s dream, and every straight man’s fantasy. At least those in my world LOL!

Besides, who doesn’t love a little refreshing breeze? 

Get your stockings or stay-ups and get breezy, with us.