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Stockings, Stay-ups, Pantyhose, and Tights, a Short Terminology Lesson

Stockings, Stay-ups, Pantyhose, and Tights, a Short Terminology Lesson


The top five styles for those of us that consider hosiery to be a foundation garment are fairly simple, so let’s do a recap. You’ll also find more of these definitions in the drop down menu of our “about us” under “common terms”. 

It Can Be Seriously Confusing

For the newbies, it can be seriously confusing as to what defines the differences between them. I get asked this a lot. Many use the terms interchangeably as though they mean the same thing. For the style conscious, this is a true fashion Faux Pas.

We all have differing tastes and styles needs. Needs that set us apart for one another, expressions of our individuality. Characterizations that make us stand out from one another.

My friends and I are part of the Pin-Up genre of refinement. We all have a specific look we cultivate, unique from one another, but still in that same vein. Together as a group, we compliment one another. There is no jealousy, maybe a titch envy, but all healthy rivalry.          

We All Love Our Hosiery

You see, we all love our hosiery, and each one of us has a favourite over the other. We don’t intermix the terminology, because it does mean something completely different from the other.

For example fishnets; the type of knitted design, the variety of garment type also applies.

For illustration, I could be wearing stockings, that are a fishnet, attached to a garter strap. Fishnet stay-ups that grip to the top of my thigh, pantyhose with a full crotch cotton gusset and reinforced toes. Get where I’m going with this?

Each variety has a different application when it comes to how it’s worn, for what purpose, look and feel, and overall personal experience.

Stockings: Stockings are close-fitting, variously elastic garments covering the leg from the foot past the knee to possibly all, or a portion of the thigh. This classic style can vary in colour, design, and transparency (denier). Stockings of today, are primarily worn for fashion and aesthetics.This sensual accessory requires a garter belt to hold them up. They are usually made of a blend of nylon and or lycra, nylon alone, and in classic styles, silk.
Our collection of stockings.

Stay ups: also known as hold ups, or thigh highs, these are very similar to stockings except with one obvious difference, and as is the case of higher quality hosiery, a silicone band, or two. This band will be found applied around the full diameter of the inside of the top detail of the Stay-up, the Welt. This keeps it firmly gripped against the skin to keep them up, without a garter belt. This is where we recommend clean, smooth shaven skin, for durability, endurance during wear, and activity.
Our collection of Stay-ups.

Pantyhose: also known as sheers or tights in the UK and other regions of the world are close-fitting legwear, covering the body from the foot to the waist. As with stockings and stay-ups, pantyhose are manufactured with of a blend of nylon and or lycra, nylon alone, and some in cases silks. These can include fashion, seamless, sheer to waist, glossy, and compression.

Our collection of Pantyhose.

Tights: This full coverage item is similar or the same as pantyhose, only those in the USA, are closely associated with dance apparel and have a higher density, and opacity, which comes from a higher denier and lycra.
Our collection of Tights.

Leggings: Similar to tights, except without the feet. You can find these in ankle length, capri, over the knee or thigh length leggings.

Understanding now?