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Summertime Blues, an Homage to Hosiery in the Heat

Summertime Blues, an Homage to Hosiery in the Heat

Summertime Blues and Homage to Hosiery in the Heat


Summertime blues always hit me hard. I’m a fashion addict, and I make no excuses for it. With the season’s heat it leaves me not able to wear one of my coveted accessories, hosiery. The elevated body temperatures leave me more than sweaty, dripping to be exact.

Pulsating Heat

I always try to wear at least something on my gams through the pulsating heat; airy, open, large weaves. Fashion tights, or stay-ups, even my fave stockings attached to a neatly cinched in waist. Opting for the large open knits that allow for the air to caress my skin as I walk to and from.

Maybe it is a problem, but more for those that just don’t understand, that it is a need not a want to wear summertime hose. I love it, and you see, for me, it is a need, not a want. I crave the covering on my legs all year long. So I tough it out.

Shorts, Skirts, and Stay-ups

Shorts, skirts and stay-ups. Large diamond patterned fishnet pantyhose are always a nice compliment, not only for myself, but onlookers. Folks brave enough to gaze at my legs, and wonder if I am actually crazy, or just terminally fashionable. People wishing they to were valorous enough to do the same.

I’m not saying I don’t like the summer heat, I’m not a gleeful fan. I do however love the beauty the flowers bring, the animals in play, and clear blue skies. Its joyous, so why not add a little more joy and beauty of my own, by wearing hosiery in mid summer?

Wearing them doesn’t mean you have to wear full coverage. If you’ve seen and heard me on Hosiery 101 on our Instagram feed and read our blogs, you’ll notice a term we reference quite a bit. Godiva, the female equivalent of commando, going panty free for the woman in charge.

A Little Privy Secret to Yourself

We all love a little raunch in our lives, so why not get naughty and doff those undies!? A cool summer breeze always feels nice across skin so soft. Skin that for the most part is always covered. Let your legs sport the housing of hosiery while you keep a little privy secret to yourself.

Do it, you know you want to! Put on that skirt and go Godiva with a hot pair of stockings or stay-ups. Wear that flowing summer dress as you giggle to yourself cautiously keeping a watchful eye and hand, so that your dress doesn’t accidentally blow up to reveal your confidential matter.

Trust me, it won’t be long before fall is upon us. We’ll then be wearing higher deniers made for structure and warmth. Ok so maybe this year’s summer has been a lot more hotter than usual, climate change is happening. But so is hosiery, and I’m here to celebrate it, and sell it, and I love it, don’t you?