How It All Began...

Friendship.  It all started more than 20 years ago, when two fierce, independent feminist entrepreneurs met each other at a party and decided to become friends.  Velvet was holding court as the Queen of Vancouver's underground fetish scene at one of her legendary parties, and Maura was a plucky young inventor trying to launch her newest innovation into the marketplace. We instantly recognized each other as kindred spirits and felt a deep sisterhood connection.

Over the next two decades, as we worked on our own dreams, we always stood in full support & solidarity with each other.  Several years ago Velvet started styling Maura's hair, and our regular visits deepened our friendship.  One day, Velvet shared her concept for Girdleliscious Gam Wrappers.  We partnered up, built this dream together, and are now happy & honoured to serve you!

Read on to learn a bit more about each of the women who are at the heart of Girdleliscious Gam Wrappers!

Velvet Steele

Velvet Steele

Hi there,

My name is Velvet Steele, a fit, tall, long and lean, green eyed blonde “glamazon” woman, and I love hosiery. I’ve worn them in some way or another since the time I was free to do so.

I take great pride in my 6’1” tall frame, my fair skin and once naturally blonde hair; keeping up appearances by exercising daily and eating right. Am I an exhibitionist? You betcha, with measurements that rival Jessica Rabbit’s at 36G, 30, 39, and all my hard work at the gym, I love to show off, more than just a little. Hosiery certainly helps with that, wearing my signature look of fishnets, either socks, stay-ups, or full pantyhose.

So much pride that I’m also a health and fitness ambassador for corporate sponsors as a figure competitor, with plans to compete again in the near future.

Definitely I consider myself an outgoing, likeable, if not lovable woman who loves all the culture, and arts a big city has to offer. As a fetish, probably where my love for fishnets came from, and life model, yes you read that right, I love looking good in, and out of clothes. I love showing off my love of tattoos of which I have a quite a few, including a full back piece, a work still in progress.

That’s not all, I’m also known for my appearance on the wildly popular documentary series KINK filmed here in Canada. I’m a human right’s activist most notably for transgender rights and conduct sensitivity facilitations when not cutting hair as a hair stylist. As a fun little tidbit I also educate folks on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the world of sex toys and adult therapeutical aids, a billion dollar industry that’s largely unregulated. So, starting this venture just seemed the right fit, hosiery. Who doesn’t love them, in or out of them. They’re practical, fashionable, sexy, and an essential accessory to every woman’s, or man’s wardrobe. Don’t you agree?

I hope I haven’t bored you, as I open up a bit the personal side of me, as you have all been asking for.

Enticingly Yours
Velvet Steele


Maura Pajonk

I am an entrepreneur, inventor, and feminist.  I founded Canada’s first vegan condom company, hosted a radio talk show, invented a handful of digital phone apps, and have been an activist/advocate for the sex-positive community in Vancouver.  In 2017 I graduated UBC at the top of my class with a bachelor of Commerce degree. 

I am happily married to my incredible partner of 23 years, Dietrich.  I like to hike, swim, and spend time out in nature whenever I can.  I also love to sing with my band, Hard Candy, which is currently on hiatus due to the pandemic.

My everyday style is sporty & casual, but I do love to dress up for business or a hot night out on the town.  In legwear, I generally choose higher denier tights for business to keep warm and provide a more matte look.  I love wearing stockings & stay-ups when I'm feeling sexy.  I also wear compression hosiery from time to time when my varicose veins are acting up.  

When you shop Girdleliscious Gam Wrappers, you empower two fierce feminists to speak up for those without a voice.  We want to make the world better, one hosiery purchase at at time.  When you buy from us, you support local initiatives to prevent & remedy violence against women.  Shop with us, and together we will make this world a better place.

Maura Pajonk